Alonso: Bernardeschi Moving Anger Attack Fans

Chelsea defender Marcos Alonso says Federico Bernardeschi says he will not join Juventus

The two are friends at Fiorentina and Bernardeschi this week to complete his 40 million euro move to Turin, which has drawn anger from Viola fans.

“They all left Fiorentina, I am happy to be there and I still remember the wonderful memories of the city and my teammates.

“Bernardeschi? When he signed his contract renewal, he said he would never join Juventus, but you never said that in football

“It happened with a net, but the transfer of Bernardeschi certainly caused even greater chaos. I do not know if he will be greeted when he returns, but now he is wearing a great uniform and will win many trophies.

“Saying not to join Juventus is almost impossible.”

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