Bhayangkara FC Hopes To Be A Season Champion

The first round of League 1 competition is still leaving two games. Bhayangkara FC management hopes that they can achieve the title as the champion of the season

This was expressed assistant manager Bhayangkara FC, AKBP Sumardji. He said the management team of the police team wanted Firman Utina and his friends to wipe out the remaining two matches of the first round of League 1, to be able to realize the target.

“If the target of the leadership, could become the champion of the season half. So it should be able to sweep the rest of the match that was undertaken. But we see lah, realisitisnya later like what, “said Sumardji when contacted on Thursday (7/20/2017).

In the last two games dilakoni, Bhayangkara FC squad successfully get 6 points. They beat Madura United with a score of 2-1 and also embarrassing Persela Lamongan at Surajaya Stadium with a score of 3-1.

But the two matches in front that must be lived, predicted Sumardji will not be easy for the Bhayangkara FC squad. Moreover, they will meet Mitra Kukar (21/7/2017) and Persija Jakarta (29/7/2017). So the achievement of the big three, considered by Sumardji as a great realistic achievement is likely to be realized.

“Because I think, already can be big three aja is enough. Gratitude, if you can indeed realize as a champion of the season, “he said.

Sumardji added that the management is also discussing the possibility of additional bonus to the FC Bhayangkara squad, if later they succeeded in realizing the target of the half-season champion.

“That’s what we’re still talking about, which is sure to head that way. If it really happens (champion half-season), yes did not rule out there, “said Sumardji.

Bhayangkara FC is currently ranked fourth in the standings, with Raihan 27 points from 15 matches. They only lost on goal difference from Persipura Jayapura which is right above it, and disputih 1 point from PSM Makassar who occupies the second position and Madura United who occupy the top of the standings.

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