Semen Padang Ends Cooperation with Nilmaizar

Semen Padang Ends Cooperation with Nilmaizar

The management of PT Kabau Sirah Semen Padang (KSSP) and Nilmaizar agreed to terminate the cooperation.

Thus, Nilmaizar is no longer serving as head coach in the remaining League 1 games.

CEO of PT KSSP, Iskandar Z Lubis, said this is based on the not optimal performance of Semen Padang FC team in the last matches.

In the meantime, management handed over the temporary trainer position to assistant coach, Delfi Adri, assisted by Zulkarnain Zakaria and Dino Sefrianto, and Suhatman Imam as technical advisor.

Iskandar added, with this change, it is expected that Semen Padang can get a new color in the game.

According to him, with poor team conditions in the standings, management will continue to make changes so that the team can perform more leverage.

“We would like to thank the Nile coach, who has been with us all this time,” Iskandar said.

In addition, the Head of Department of KSU PT Semen Padang is also hoping in the cage match next Friday, supporters can re-meet the Stadium H Agus Salim, Padang.

It aims to continue to provide support for the team during difficult times in order to continue excited.

In fact, at this time, management has also taken another step to get the stadium full back.

The move is to reduce the price of tickets Semen Padang vs Madura United.