Clash with Coach, Radja Nainggolan Out of Belgium national team

AS Roma midfielder, Radja Nainggolan, decided to quit the Belgian national team. The feud with Belgian national team coach Roberto Martinez is the reason Nainggolan took the step.

“She (Martinez) called me at 11:00 (an hour before the announcement of the World Cup squad) and hinted that I am not serious in defending Belgium at the World Cup in June 2014,” said Nainggolan, who was not included in the World Cup qualifying squad against Gibraltar and Greece.

Martinez reportedly ignored Nainggolan when the midfielder arrived late in the tack session ahead of the game against Estonia.

“He did not discuss it, we only talk for a minute,” said Nainggolan, who rejected the offer of Manchester United and Chelsea this summer in order to extend the contract with Roma.

For the Estonian incident, Nainggolan said that he was late for waiting for an elevator for 37 seconds. At that time he was not alone, some players were too late. According Nainggolan, there is something more than the delay associated with the attitude of the coach.

“I quit international football right now.It does not make sense, Martinez contacted Youri Tielemans who just sat on the bench and played for a while in Monaco,” said the midfielder upset.

Nainggolan recalled that once when Martinez was appointed coach, the coach required Belgium to be in the top competition. But with the departure of Axel Witsel to China, for Nainggolan, the coach’s words are no longer valid.

“It did not matter to me, but Martinez asked me to improve my performance,” said the 29-year-old footballer.

Both were not even greeted each other when met at Ibiza restaurant.

Bad relationship Nainggolan with Belgian Football Association not only this once. At the 2014 World Cup, he was troubled by coach Marc Wilmots who tipped Nainggolan kick from the squad list.

Nainggolan also made headlines because of smoking in team hotels and also delays during the summer.

“I do not want to do it anymore, I’m pushed into this situation, no problem, now everything I do is for Roma,” said the midfielder numbered back 4.

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