Wenger: Wilshere Ready to Play in the Premier League

After a 1-0 win over Doncaster Rovers on Thursday early morning, Arsene Wenger signaled a return to Jack Wilshere in the Premier League.

This summer early in his career after his unscheduled borrowing was a natural injury and made him predictably unable to play for the Gunners’ main squad anymore.

But after playing extraordinary at the Emirates stage in the League Cup event. Wenger intends to play it again for 90 minutes in the Premier League.

“I want to give it a full 90 minutes, and overall I think it’s an ideal game for him to gain confidence and fitness,” Wenger said.

“We will see how responsya. I think you should pay attention to this fight as well. Surely this kind of match does not have the same intensity with the Premier League match. But it’s important for her to build her confidence. “…

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